21st - 24th September 2018

Chalk Farm, Lincolnshire

Equinox Festival - A gathering of the tribes. Performance, art, interaction and education for all. Set inside a hill, in the breathtaking Lincolnshire Wolds. Six stages representing all musical tastes, incredible lightshows, family area, fireshows, workshops.

For the people not for profit.

Live Stages

Dub Pistols, Phat Bollard, Back to the Planet, Inner Terrestrials, John Otway, Here & Now, Lacertilia, Nieviem, The Majestic, De Fuego, One Eyed God, The Skraelings, Hattie Hatstar, Unknown Era, P.A.I.N, The Cracked Actors, The Edi Johnston Bit, AOS3, Skiprat, Eat The Evidence, Magic Bus, Suzy Condrad, The Defekters, Easydread, Satteli, Simon Wood, Mothcob, Doozer McDooze, Han-FX & JorDMC, The ChabiFonk Experience, China Shop Bull, Dicky Deegan, 3 Daft Monkeys, My Bad Sister, Skaciety

Lunar Stage

Nicky Blackmarket, Aries, T>1, Garry K, Presha, Raz, Chromatic.....more to be announced!

Sunrise Stage

Ed Tangent, Timps, Lorraine Psilocybe Tribe, Magiclantern, Fordy, Thallom, Kwah....more to be announced!

Just a few of the wonderful things you've had to say about Equinox

This time last week, sooooo many beautiful people, true harmony artists, djs and bands ooooshhh gorgeous still buzzin love you Equinox festival and all that gather within

Thank you for inviting us to join the Equinox Family for what was, without a doubt, the best Festival we've traded at this season!
The site was beautiful, brilliantly organised, everyone was so helpful and such a fantastic, happy, sunny vibe!
What a wonderful weekend we had with friends, old and new! There is something very special about Equinox! Well done to everyone for all your hard work in making it happen,it definitely paid off! Bring on Equinox 2017

Absolutely smashed it, big love to all the fam I'm still reeling from the vibes Deffo on this next year ladies n gentlemen and aliens and angels and archetypes, until then

What a blindingly good festival that was!!! :D
Well done Everyone who made this happen. I reckon it is better than it ever was. Spot on! The weather on the sunday just sealed it!
Lovely to see everyone there. Such a good vibe around the place.

Had an absolute blast. Thanks to all you hard working lovely people for keeping this festival alive. You all did an amazing job. Festival was awesome. Looking forward to next years already..xx

Thanks to all for making it happen ☺☺☺it takes so much work and effort... i take me hat off to you xx ya all boss

Just a short and sweet Thank you for a blinding weekend, Next year then!! 😁 x

Overwhelmed is an understatement.. Thank you ALL so much for the most enjoyable experience in a yr :)
We've come away with the most amazing memories and still high on love n life, we will carry this positivity through our lives.. until we can top up at the next Equinox.

First time at Equinox for me and certainly won't be the last, great atmosphere, realy friendly people, some really brilliant music over the 3 days, spotless site and so many well behaved dogs. See you all same time next year.

Greatest weekend i've had in years! possibly ever! Cheers to everyone involved, the site looked out of this world! Cannot wait for next year!

Had the most amazing time! Kids loved it, we loved it!! Thank you to everyone that made it happen! Cya all next year xxxx

Thanks for bringing the party to the Wolds & enjoy tonight's evening mist!!. From us lot next door, to all of you - just..... Fantastic. 🙂

Fabulous festival Equinox! My 7th festival this year as a punter :) & you definitely got the mixture right. Thank you to all the organiser, volunteers & Equinox family ravers x

The best fezzie I've ever been, it's the going home that hurts so much 😢, I've made freinds and made memories that will last a lifetime, thanks so much for the love ✌ 💘, you put on a show, the people came, see you next time, big up equinox ✌

Thanks so much to Marcus and everybody who worked in the Access field, who went above and beyond it seemed,thanks so much for the help given and hope to be seeing you next year again...Big up the Assisted field workers!.....Again!! 😁 😎 x

It’s was so beautiful and it was my first family festival you was so loving towards all the children around the entire festival taken bless memories away with us thank you all as a collective the organisers and the weekend residents peace

Equinox I miss you!!!!